Carla Brillanti story begins in the year 2002.
We are a European manufacture established in Oradea, in the region of Transylvania (Romania/EU) by Eniko and Cristian Drimba and named after our first born daughter Carla. Right from the company’s founding, Carla Brillanti®, has become renowned for its high quality finishing work, set a new standard for elegance and glamour.
Each piece is created exclusively with Crystals from Swarovski® to achieve the perfect balance between fantasy and reality.
With our 17 Years of experience and several tens of thousands of happy customers we are committed to offering high-quality products at an affordable price.

We are proud to be Certified Branding Partner for Swarovski which means that next to our creations you will find a label received from Swarovski with our unique code that certifies the guaranteed origin of Swarovski crystals and also provides a degree of trust from Swarovski Company for the quality of our products:

➡️ https://www.crystals-from-swarovski.com/brands/carla-brillanti/
➡️ https://www.crystals-from-swarovski.com/?s=carla+brillanti

Carla Brillanti Company became well known for its elegant Swarovski crystal encrusted jewellery collections, both by brides and by those who appreciate wonderful things,  born out of passion. 

All of the Carla Brillanti jewellery is made through traditional methods. Under the Carla Brillanti brand, you will find a great range of jewellery and accessories for all budgets and styles. What sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that our jewellery is hand-made and has a unique design.
Carla Brillanti jewellery can be found today in many locations across Europe, from Sweden to Portugal from France to Lithuania and also in US in bridal shops and jewellery shops.
Carla Brillanti has participated in bridal exhibitions in numerous cities worldwide, including New York, Barcelona, London and Moscow.
The company’s work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions, an editorial in Vogue, and at World Jewellery Facets 2015 in Shanghai, China.

Carla Brillanti means personality first of all.
Our jewelry adds elegance and class to an outfit, no matter what dress style our clients adopt.
Our jewelry offers glamour.
Encrusted with Swarovski crystals, each piece of jewelry is hand-made and finished at the highest standards.
We sell jewelry which does not go out of fashion.
We are up-to-date with the trends on the accessories market and we constantly come up with new designs. Still, a piece of jewelry is a long term investment so we guarantee that once you buy our Carla Brillanti jewelry, you will be able to enjoy them for a long time, no matter the season and occasion.
The Carla Brillanti jewelry is resistant.
The jewelry is made out of tombak, Gold plated (24 krt) – 3 µ, Palladium (4 µ), Rhodium – 0,2 µ. We make sure to pick high quality materials, so that the jewelry which we make keeps its shape in time and can even be left as an inheritance to your dear ones.
We love Swarovski crystals.
Because we like the aura of luxury and elegance offered by the Swarovski crystals, we have extended our range of products. As representatives of the Swarovski Company, we commercialize the entire range of products of the “CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI” division which covers: crystals which can be applied on different materials, buttons, plastic components, metal components, zippers and others.


We take pride in the fact that we are Swarovski partners, so all of the crystals we use for making the jewelry have an authenticity certification.
Our products have the Swarovski certification mark. We want to make sure that all of our clients will enjoy the quality of the Carla Brillanti products.
The production and processing style of the raw material are important factors in getting quality crystals.

Swarovski uses the best materials – glass in combination with lead, a method acknowledged for its brilliance and value. Furthermore, the cutting and polishing methods are factors which determine the finished product and the Swarovski crystals are part of the premium class. The Swarovski crystals have their own distinct cut completed through a patented method; the facets meet each other perfectly at the angles.To underline the premium character of the Swarovski brand, our designers use the CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI label on all the jewelry they make.