Chrysolite Dream Bracelet & `Milanese Mesh` Golden Metal Strap

  • Have you ever wanted for Swarovski "diamond" with a golden elegant metal strap? We have the perfect gift for you: a well-crafted bracelet, with an amazing and elegant Chrysolite crystal. Easy to wear and made with passion, you won't be disappointed if you hit the Add to Cart button, because you will feel like a superstar while having it on your wrist or neck.

    You can remove the metal strap and have an elegant, beautiful and shiny choker for your jewelry collection or keep it simple and natural as a modern bracelet. Just like that, with a magic trick, you will get a unique Swarovski stone bracelet or an elegant choker.

    Swarovski Stone Color: Chrysolite
    Swarovski Stone Size: 3.0 x 2.2 cm
    Metal Strap Color: Gold
    Metal strap width: 1.8 cm
    Metal Strap Length: Adjustable (watch like strap with stainless steel buckle)

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