Dark & Light Men's - Black & Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal

  • If you need an exclusive piece of jewelry, specially designed for you, our Dark & Night combination of Swarovski stones is exactly what you are looking. We create an interchangeable design of Black and Tanzanite Swarovski crystals which will make you feel outstanding.

    Choose an amazing leather strap to be attached to this centerpiece for a special bracelet. 

    Centerpiece with Swarovski crystals designed for C&B Men's Bracelets

    Centerpiece Size: 3.0 x 3.0 cm
    Stone Color: Black Jet & Tanzanite
    Metal Plating: Rhodium or Gold (please request)

  • Carla Brillanti® is an official SWAROVSKI® Branding Partner: 


    Our brand is legally licensed & authorized By Swarovski Company for high quality manufacturing and using exclusively original, genuine Swarovski Crystals with Certificate Tag - the Seal and Verification Code from Swarovski -

    Carla Brillanti® is a well established European brand which manufacture all jewelry exclusively in own factory located in city of Oradea / Romania /EU.
    We produce with care and professionalism, high quality fashion jewelry.

  • All orders will be delivered with DHL Express.

    Delivery is Free of Charge.

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