Midnight Blue Men Bracelet & Black Laquered Leather Strap

  • We all know about Denim power;). That's why we put our minds to work and we create a refined Swarovski stone bracelet for men. Give it a try and obtain an elegant look, distinguished and modern at the same time. Just be yourself and enjoy our Swarovski stone bracelet with a Blue Denim stone and a very elegant lacquered black leather strap.

    Also, you can try some different well-crafted leather straps and keep the Blue Denim stone or change the center piece. Just simply change it because is removable and you will have another stylish bracelet.

    Swarovski Stone Color: Blue Denim
    Center Stone Size: 2,7 x 1,8 cm
    Leather Strap Color: Black Laquered
    Leather Strap Width: 1,8 cm
    Leather Strap Length: 14, 16, 18 cm
    Leather Strap Length: different sizes to choose

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