Night Image Men Bracelet & "Snake Skin" Leather Strap

  • Choose to be different and Add to Cart a special and premium product, with a unique design, well-crafted for men like you, classy, elegant, with a modern look. A black Swarovski stone, with fantastic smoked grey elements and a modern snake skin like leather, is the perfect combination for an amazing look.

    Also, you can try some different well-crafted leather straps and keep the "black & black diamond" combination stone. Just simply change it because is removable and you will have another stylish bracelet.

    Swarovski Stone Color: Black Diamond & Jet Black
    Center Piece Size: 3,0 x 3,0 cm
    Leather Strap: "Snake Skin" Leather Strap
    Leather Strap Width: 1,8 cm
    Leather Strap Length: Different sizes to choose

  • Carla Brillanti® is an official SWAROVSKI® Branding Partner: 


    Our brand is legally licensed & authorized By Swarovski Company for high quality manufacturing and using exclusively original, genuine Swarovski Crystals with Certificate Tag - the Seal and Verification Code from Swarovski -

    Carla Brillanti® is a well established European brand which manufacture all jewelry exclusively in own factory located in city of Oradea / Romania /EU.
    We produce with care and professionalism, high quality fashion jewelry.

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